There are many rules of etiquette in poker. So not to bombard or overload players with all of them at once, we will introduce a new rule every few weeks.


We only do this to ensure a good clean game to be had by all!


The first rule of Forester’s Poker is the Tournament Director’s decision is always right!



This season basic rules & etiquette will be enforced more rigorously than they have been in the past  with a new system of yellow & red cards (Like Football)


A player will get a verbal warning first, if the player persists they will be issued with a YELLOW CARD & A 2 x BIG BLIND FINE even if they are in the big blind & they CAN NOT play that hand! Lastly if the player persists again they will receive a RED CARD & a big blind fine. If a player receives 2 red cards in a they will be asked not to return.


Other rules  where  this applies are:

One Player Per Hand
Players NOT  involved in a hand must not talk about the hand in play


Call him or her

They have a straight

There's a flush out there

I folded 9, 10

Players should also refrain from showing their cards to anyone, whether involved in the game or not.


Raising out of Turn

Anyone who RAISES out of turn will have to take back their chips & loses the right to aggressive action till the next card is dealt. They can only check, call or fold NOT RAISE

 If this happens 3 times in the one hand the player’s cards are dead and automatically folded


No player will pick cards out of the “Muck”

Even if they were their own cards. Once you have folded your hand into the “Muck” it’s folded. 

English Only at the Table

If it's that important why not share it with us all !!! 

Show one, Show all

If you show your cards to anyone at the table, you will be expected to show them to everyone

2 Cards to Win the Pot

If it gets to showdown a player must show 2 cards to win the pot

Verbal Declarations are Binding

Verbal statement in turn denoting your action is binding & takes precedence over a different physical action

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